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Shakespeare’s tales of human folly and foible are a rich platform to explore rigorous, formative learning experiences beginning in 4th grade and continuing through High School and beyond.

Each Curriculum alchemizes academic and social-emotional challenges with the magic of theatre to capture and hold our students' interest while efficiently developing skills in literary/language arts, performing arts/public presentation, self-awareness/energy-management and physical competence. Independent and collaborative opportunities amongst peers promotes negotiation, persistence, and resilience.

Programs are delivered after-school at our Partner Schools and culminate in high-quality theatrical productions that honor our students' commitment and hard work, take them beyond their perceived limitations, expand their sense of possibility, and inspire awe and pride from their schools, families, and extended communities.



Program Administration

Trained Teaching Artists (Industry Professionals)

All Program Materials 

Excerpted Age-Appropriate Script in Elizabethan English

Workshops & Rehearsals

School Day Performances (2) for School Body with Q+A 

Evening Performance (1) for Families & Community 

Lighting, Sound, Music, Sets & Props, Costumes, Hair+Makeup

Playbill in English & Spanish



Committed Principal

Designated Liaison Teacher

Dedicated Space (Preferably Auditorium)

Student Recruitment/Enrollment

Internet Access

3-Ring Binders

“No Fear Shakespeare” Volumes

Custodial Support

Parent/Guardian Encouragement 


Proud fiscal-sponsor of 

The Young Shakespeareans

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