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Scenic, Costume/Props, Lighting, Sound, and Special FX Design, Fabrication, and Operation;

Independent & Collaborative; Language & Performing Arts; Non-Abstract Math & Technical Skill-Building

Offered only in conjunction with the Performing Arts Program 


          Grades 6-8

Students learn the basic history and evolution of the Backstage elements that create theatrical magic. Based on the excerpted script of the selected play, they design a cohesive "Page to Stage" collection of Scenics, Costumes, Props, Lighting, Sound, and Special Effects (designs to be incorporated as much as possible in final presentation), and learn how to set-up and operate the stage equipment that supports and animates live performances. 

Grades 9-12

The curriculum is expanded to include the students' choice of Production Setting (Time & Place), designing all elements to create a cohesive "Page to Stage" collection that reflects that choice, and fabricating all elements within a "shoe-string" budget.


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