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frequently asked questions

Which students can participate in the Program?

The Program is available to 4th and 5th graders.  The Principal, Classroom, and Liaison Teachers of each school are charged with assembling the students with the academic acumen and interest to enjoy the Program.   The Liaison Teacher is responsible for obtaining parental consent and commitment.   The students do not audition to participate, but they will audition early on to determine what role(s) they will play.

Are the students really able to learn and perform Shakespeare? 

Absolutely!  Comprehension and memorization of the Elizabethan text are central to the Program. The students love the challenge of learning to decode and perform Shakespeare's words. When needed, we provide one-on-one coaching in text analysis, diction, voice projection, memorization, and expression.  We are committed to all students having fun and feeling successful.

Will the students need to bring a copy of the play?

No. All students will be provided with a copy of "No Fear Shakespeare" for the chosen play, as will the Classroom and Liaison teacher.   The "No Fear Shakespeare" book displays the Elizabethan text with translation into contemporary English on the facing page, and a glossary of Elizabethan vocabulary.  The Classroom teacher incorporates the play into their curriculum during the first months of the academic year to familiarize the students with its characters, plot, and themes.

How long does the Program last?  

The Teaching Artists begin their workshops in January culminating with the students' final performance in April.

Do the students need to learn monologues before beginning the program? 

No. The Teaching Artists will introduce and rehearse the necessary skills the students need to prepare their auditions and performances.

Will the students perform the whole play?

No.   In January,  we will provide an abridged script for production that will be approximately 45 minutes long, and edited to be appropriate for elementary school students.   The Liaison Teacher is responsible for preparing the provided script so that each student receives a hole punched copy, housed in a three-ring binder.  

Can the auditorium be shared with any other after school program? 

No. The Program is quite intense so the Teaching Artist and students need a designated space without distractions to achieve our goals.

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