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CAMILLA HAITH  Teaching Artist


Camilla has over 20 years of experience as a designer and wardrobe stylist working in fashion and multiple genres. In 2014 she launched Walloping Moll LLC to fabricate her costume designs for opera, cruise ships, theatre, film, dance, acrobatics, music videos, and other unique events.

Her theatrical credits include “Elysium” (Celebrity Cruises Inc), “Carmen” (Magic City Opera for Azamara Cruises), “Intelligence Systems” (SoBe Institute of the Arts - World Premiere), “Fairy Tales Songs of the Dandelion Woman” (SoBe Institute of the Arts - World Premier), and “Fences” (Pennsylvania Centre Stage).

She joined The Young Shakespeareans innovative Virtual Program during the pandemic to deliver remote instruction in Costume Design for Middle School students who were quarantined at home. She was central to the students' discovery of their talent and passion, and was thrilled to collaborate with Official Lens Creators from across the globe who used's technology to turn her students' illustrations into digital costumes that were worn and animated by other students performing on a cloud-based Unified Virtual Stage.

Camilla holds a BFA in Theatre and an MFA in Costume Design from Penn State, and a BFA in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago. Images and details of her work can be viewed at and


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