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Our Volunteers

COME PLAY with us!

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The Young Shakespeareans values Volunteers and Interns,

and all levels of creativity, experience, and time are welcome.  

If you can sew a hem, attach buttons, or paint backdrops, we can put you to work in the weeks before performance.  

If you can climb a ladder, move equipment, or hang lights you will be well-exercised during Tech & Performance weeks.  

Theatrical background is always helpful, particularly in the areas of Dance and Music.  

Administrative assistance is also always welcome in Fundraising, Social Media/Public Relations,

and other program and organizational functions.

If you are looking for joy, purpose, and a whole lot of meaningful fun, let us know.  


Please don't be shy - your time and energy will be well used, and very well appreciated!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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