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Social Media Consultant

Khrystle is a dynamic educator, passionate about fostering a positive learning environment and shaping young minds. Currently serving as Assistant Principal of West Vernon Avenue Elementary School, she is deeply committed to academic excellence and student success, and brings a wealth of experience to her role in educational leadership and pedagogy.


While Khrystle’s vibrant artistic side (nurtured by memorable performances in musical theater) infuses creativity and imagination into her teaching practice, her diverse experiences and talents also inspire her positive impact in the entertainment industry. With a passion for storytelling and spreading joy, she is an influencer on Instagram (@khrystlegracesd) where she shares her love for all things Disney, offering insights, tips, and magical moments to her followers.     


A Southern California native, Khrystle holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and Social Science from University of Southern California (USC). Her unwavering dedication to excellence and heart for inspiring others empowers students and Disney enthusiasts alike to dream, create, and achieve their goals.

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