KENN HELLER   Executive Director

A key player in UCLA Student Affairs for almost 40 years, Kenn served as the Advisor/Supervisor of Concerts, Films, and Speakers, and developed Corporate Sponsorship policies for student organizations and University; as Assistant Dean of Students, he presided over the appropriate use of digital content and the adjudication of disciplinary cases related to the Digital Millennium Act (DMCA); as Chief Innovation Officer for the Division of Campus Life, he identified and implemented creative uses of technology to further the mission of Student Affairs and the University as a whole. Concurrently, Kenn was a partner in an Arts and Events management firm producing large-scale events for municipalities within Southern California. Once retiring from UCLA, Kenn launched ComeHellerHighwater, a strategic planning and management consulting firm for commercial businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  He currently serves as Head of Acquisitions for Random Media (an independent film distribution company), and serves as a visiting lecturer at the University of Chichester in the U.K.   Introduced to The Young Shakespeareans in 2017, Kenn immediately recognized the Program’s potential and came on board to take part in forwarding its vision and scope. Kenn received his BA in Economics from UCLA in 1972, and his MBA from The California State University, Northridge in 2007.

"If I Can Do Shakespeare, I Can Do Anything!"


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