"In January 2017, I was invited to attend a Young Shakespeareans workshop - I thought I might get a kick out of seeing what they were doing with 4th and 5th graders in South Los Angeles.

As the students filed into the room, it was clear how excited they were to be participating. The teachers', the students', and the liaison teacher's enthusiasm was so infectious that I jumped into the warm-ups myself. After that session I was hooked - I volunteered to assist.

What I became part of  is incredible. Students struggle, embrace, and find confidence that they never had before. Kids who are shy or socially awkward are included as part of a team where their role is valued. Other children who set goals like aiming to get a bigger part, succeed and expand their talents. And at performance time,  their commitment and talent blows me away.


I also witness parents seeing their child do things they never imagined they could. I'm constantly told by parents how much they love the program, how glad they are that their child is able to participate, and how they hope their younger children will be able to get into the Young Shakespeareans when they get to 4th and 5th grade.


This program is clearly transformative for the students, but it transforms me as well. Opening these children up to new and exciting experiences is a reward I just cannot measure. I am tied to them, and I hope that I have changed their lives for the better. I am invested in their community, their families, and their school. I am committed to the future of the program and work TYS' fundraisers, so we can hire more teaching artists and expand into more schools, because all children deserve this kind of experience."                                                                                                                                                                               Mary Elizabeth Caverly

Our partner schools are all LAUSD Title 1 schools located in Los Angeles - many of our students are ESL with only Spanish spoken at home

Our curriculum is carefully designed, calibrated, and very rigorous. The Program requires a commitment of approximately 60 hours

teaching time over a 12-week period between January and May.


We value our Teaching Artists, are committed to their continued success in our program, and demonstrate this with high-quality training, compensation, networking opportunities, and support. And, since it is incumbent upon us to model the attitudes and behavior we seek from our students, we actively pursue awareness, respect, clarity, and kindness.  

If you derive joy from igniting and inspiring childrens' curiosity, growth, and potential, please submit a

cover letter and resume reflecting your teaching, acting, directing, and/or production experience.  


"If I Can Do Shakespeare, I Can Do Anything!"

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